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Construction Phase II

The plaques are placed on the Memorial.
Black granite was donated by the Beidelman Monument Company.

(Left to right) Paul and Bob Ghiotto, Louie Miotto and Jim Stepanek take a lunch break.

The Winfield Wall continues.

Paul Ghiotto (left) and Bob Hoffman (right) place the first limestone cap while Jim Stepanek (middle) gets out of the way.

The brick work for the Memorial is complete.

Rick Parker (left) and Dave Sandhop (right) admire the paver brick they have just placed.
The paver brick was donated by Winfield Fuel & Material.
Expertise and assistance provided by Parker & Co.

Paver brick is 99% complete.

(Left to right) Rick Parker, Dave Sandhop, Louie Miotto and Jim Stepanek raise the flagpole --
Iwo Jima style.

The brick work and pavers are complete.
All that is needed now is a sidewalk, bushes, and grass.

Mark Myers forms the sidewalk while Jack Shiffler (Naperville Memorial) and Louie Miotto look on.

Ricker Parker (left), a volunteer from the Winfield Road project and John Augustynowicz feed the sidewalk forms the concrete.

(Left to right) Mark Myers, Dave Sandhop, Lynn Miotto and Louie Miotto look over the sidewalk.

The bushes are in as is the electrical work by J&S Electric.

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