Memorial History

Quietly resting in Creekside Park, the Winfield Veterans Memorial is a reality. The silent, brick sentinels stand a never ending vigil over a stack of bricks that, in light of developments in the Mid East almost 20 years ago, have become even more endearing to the people of Winfield.

Memorial Design - Artist Sketch 1

Memorial Design - Artist Sketch 2

Memorial Design - Artist Sketch 3

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The Winfield Veterans Memorial is a fourteen foot long, seven and one half foot high, V-shaped, brick wall. There are five plaques built into the bricks: World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. The fifth plaque reads "We don't honor wars, but the Americans who died in them. We remember the missing and desire peace for those who returned."

Scale model of the proposed Winfield Veterans Memorial.
The scale model, built by Jim Stepanek, was used as a visual in a presentation to the Winfield Park District for their approval of the project.

The brick design was not by accident. Instead of using granite or marble that you find on multi-million dollar buildings, the Memorial Committee decided to use plain, common brick to maintain a small town atmosphere and also to show that plain, common Americans fought our wars. The V-shape can represent only one thing -- victory! No war that our country has fought in has been lost by the American people fighting it.

The Winfield Veterans Memorial has one flag pole. The past pole by the gazebo was relocated to the south side of the park near the memorial. The pole flies an American Flag and, beneath it, a POW/MIA flag to remind people that over 30,000 Americans are still unaccounted for from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

The Memorial Committee secured a donation for all the brick, mortar, and sill plates from Winfield Fuel and Material. Lombard Ready Mix agreed to provide concrete at a greatly reduced rate. Funds were donated from many local businesses and the general public. The Winfield Park District supported the project by donating the land.

The Memorial Committee consisted: Louie and Lynn Miotto (Co-Chairpersons); Jim Stepanek (Co-Chairperson); John and Katy Augustynowicz; Bob and Sandy Hoffman; and Dave and Vicki Sandhop.

Memorial Design and Inscription - Jim Stepanek
Memorial Program Artwork - Kathy Kueker
Memorial Architect - Al Davis

Dedication Ceremony:

Raising of the Colors: Mark Robbins, US Army; Rick Parker, US Navy; Jack Shiffler, US Marine Corps; Chuck Clendenin, US Air Force; and Rich Polacek, US Coast Guard.

National Anthem: Rev. John Steer

Masters of Ceremonies: Louie Miotto and Jim Stepanek

Invocation: Rev. John Steer

Introductions: Various guests

Keynote Speaker: Rev. John Steer

Guest Speaker: Jack Walde, President Village of Winfield

Guest Speaker: Chuck Beggs, President Winfield Park District

Guest Speaker: Phil Salerno, President Winfield Chamber of Commerce

Dedication: Memorial Committee

Blessing: Rev. John Steer

Wreath Laying and Taps: Gold Star Mothers and various organizations

Gold Bless the USA: Rev. John Steer

Posting of the Guard: Rick Parker, Director of Protocol

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