We do not honor wars, but the Americans who died in them.
We remember the missing and desire peace for those who returned.

Winfield Veterans Memorial

Located in Creekside Park
0S211 Winfield Rd
Winfield, IL 60190

The Winfield Veterans Memorial is one block south of Jewell on Winfield. Park on the west side of Winfield Rd and walk across the street to the park.

This website contains information and photos of the progress of the Memorial -- from ground breaking, through construction, and the dedication.

Unfortunately, the photos don't show the red, white, and blue wire that our volunteer electrician, Phil Sass, installed. The photos don't show the relief we encountered after each major step of the project was completed. And lastly, the photos cannot record the emotion that the Memorial has stirred in people.

After the dedication in 1990, there were still a few items left to be completed on the Memorial -- yellow rose bushes, permanent flood lights, a park bench, and globes for the tops of the sentinels. These were added in the Spring of 1991.

There is still one portion that will never be complete -- flowers. We invite you to stop by and plant a fresh flower every Memorial Day. There may not be any elaborate ceremonies, just people who care. People who know why the Winfield Veterans Memorial exists. People who believe in America and value the freedom we enjoy.

God Bless the U.S.A.
-- Jim Stepanek, Co-Chairman of the Winfield Veterans Memorial Committee