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Edmund Moore
Edmund Moore
Born: 04 Feb 1819 in England

1860 Census
Home: Saxville, Wasuhara, WI
Lists Edmund Moore - Head, age 42 - Occupation: Farmer
Nancy as Wife. age 40
Joseph age 19 - farmer
John age 17 - farmer
Thomas age 15 - farmer
William age 12 - farmer
Charlotte age 7
Mary age 5
Jane age 1

1870 Census
Home: Town of Bloomfield in the county of Waushara. Post Office Fremont.
Lists an Edmund Moore - Head. age 54. Occupation: lumberman
Kate as Wife. age 37 (Personal note: this may be a second wife for Edmund. His first wife Nancy died in 1867.)
Mary as daughter. age abt 14
Jane as daughter. age 11

1880 Census
Home: Village of Fremont in the county of Waupaca.
Lists an Edmund Moore - Head. age 62. Occupation: farmer
Born in England. Both parents born in England.
Kate as Wife. age 45. Born in New York.

(1): Nancy Greenhelech date unknown
(2): Kate ?? date unknown

Died 05 Sep 1881 in Waushara, WI
Edmund Moore is buried in Pine River Cemetery, Waushara County, WI.

Edmund and Nancy had 4 sons, Joseph, John, Thomas, and William, all born in England. They had 3 daughters, Charlotte, Mary Ann, and Jane, all born in the United States.

Joseph Moore, b. 28 Jul 1841, England, d. 10 Mar 1874, Unknown.

John Moore, b. 04 Feb 1842, England, d. 04 Jun 1862, Hospital at Savanah, TN.

Thomas Moore, b. 03 Jan 1845, England, d. 10 Sep 1866, Unknown.

William Moore, b. 10 Jun 1848, England, d. 08 May 1871, Unknown.

Charlotte Moore, b. 1854, Wisconsin, d. 18 Mar 1866, Unknown.

Mary Ann Moore, b. 14 Oct 1856, Saxeville, Waushara, WI, d. 05 Jun 1923, Marshfield, Wood, WI.

Jane Moore, b. 26 Nov 1858, Wisconsin, d. 22 Sep 1930, Unknown.


Nancy Greenhelech
Nancy Greenhelech
Born 13 Nov 1818 in England.
Possible maiden name is Greenhelch, Greenheleh, etc. This name has to be misspelled.

Nancy is Edmund's first wife

Died Feb 1867 in Waushara, WI
Nancy Greenhelech Moore is buried in Pine River Cemetery, Waushara County, WI.
Pine River Cemetery has her death listed as 29 February, 1867. FamilyTreeMaker says that 1867 was not a leap year.
Nancy died when her daughter Mary Ann was about 12 years old.


Kate [unknown]
Kate [unknown]
Born: about 1835 in New York

Nancy is Edmund's second wife

The Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Newsletter. (1994 September):
"Elbert E - son of A.K. & E. died Mar 20, 1886." (p. 116). Elbert is listed as buried in the Pine River Cemetery, Waushara County, WI along with all the other Moore's.

Died: Unknown

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